A custom designed home uses the advantages of the site and combines them with the requirements specified by the owner. Both are achieved within the constraints imposed by statutory authorities such as local councils. We believe every site, whether urban or rural, offers inspiration. We focus on designing functional and meaningful spaces that serve the occupier whilst providing physical comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

An extension or a new home is the largest capital investment that most people will expect to make in their lifetime. Just as it pays to consult a lawyer or tax accountant for the professional expertise and detailed knowledge they can contribute in their fields, the professional background a building designer can contribute will be just as valuable in maximising the value of the investment in your home.

Our role as a building designer can include co-ordinating a team of specialist consultants such as landscape designers, structural engineers, quantity surveyors, arborists, hydraulic engineers, builders and subcontractors in addition to working with you to prepare your design and development application. We can advice and specify your finishes, design your kitchen and joiner and even provide advice on appliances.