What does this really mean?

It is a word used frequently in the building industry, though strictly speaking very few homes could be truly classified as sustainable. A point often overlooked is the cost vs. benefit aspect, the additional cost of constructing a house with systems or devices that are not relevant to that climate or have negligible benefits. This unnecessary cost must be paid for by the occupants, who in turn need to work more which in turn produces an impact on the environment.

In today’s green world there is a need to embrace sustainability and issues relating to the environment. There is a responsibility for the compliance of benchmarks set by authorities for the future efficient operation of our homes. Financially it must not inhibit the value of your home when selling if it is below par in these areas.

CEO endeavour to design homes that are water and energy efficient, safe and healthy to live in. Homes must by comfortable all year round with correct orientation and layout. They should make use of environmentally friendly materials, finishes and fittings within a realistic budget. We can also educate owners on the use and running of their new home, often different to the way they have previously lived. This results in a balanced solution of a responsibly built home and owners who know how to live in, and fully benefit from it.

The benefits of designing and building a 'Green' Home in addition to the obvious reduction in running costs, is the higher level of comfort than standard housing. This benefit is enjoyed on a daily basis and will outweigh the financial benefit for its occupants. Lastly, it’s also an investment for your children and future generations.