Craig Olsen

Senior Designer, Business Development and Company Director

Associate Diploma - Applied Science - Architectural Technology (1995)
Accredited ABSA Assessor - Thermal Building Efficiency (2005)

Prior to founding CEO, 4 years working as a Civil Engineering Designer in local government while undertaking external studies. Gained experience in areas of LGA procedures, surveying, road and subdivision design, service design and town planning.

Business Founder in 1995 (formerly 'Zen Building Design', CEO from 2000 to present).


Fiona Olsen

Human Resources, Marketing, Administration and Company Director

Bachelor of Commerce (1997)
Masters of Adult Education (current studies)

Preparing models for marketing strategies and business direction have been Fiona's most important accomplishments in recent years.

Fiona also managed accounts, staff recruitment, employee needs and general office administration.

Fiona also contracts occasionally as a Corporate Trainer.


Trent Freeman

Architectural Technician

Bachelor of Environmental Science - management (2003)
Diploma - Architectural Technology (2007)

Joined CEO in 2007

Trent performs duties in all areas of the profession with his strengths of being his high level of thoroughness and his skill in 3D presentation.

Trent also brings a high level of competency in environmental issues with his previous qualification.