Our goal at CEO in each project is ‘quality’. This does not mean the level of finishes, quality means creative, resourceful, responsive design. Excellence often means doing more with less; reducing the cost and increasing the richness. Budget does not dictate quality, clear intentions and creative expression creates quality.

We have designed high-quality high-end residences, as well as high-quality low-cost housing. In each case, within the scope of the goals, quality was a key objective.

The owner and builder must appreciate and share a desire for quality. If either of these parties don’t share this desire, then quality is easily lost.

While Architecture has traditionally been "product-oriented," we find ourselves putting equal weight on process. This begins with building the design around the client's program and budget. A team effort, as described above, orchestrates the design process.

CEO’s emphasis on responsive service in our business has to a large measure been a response to the market we serve, which includes experienced home owners, busy people who are able to have any issues managed and promptly resolved.